The disease merciless, Tongye there is love
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- remember Tongye technology companies and employees continued donations sick employees

"His ruthless, through industry with love!" On November 3, 2016, under the trade unions shall assist the company, with severe former colleagues wei-jun zheng launched: "children, I want to see you grow up" easy money raising event, such as many companies colleagues were re-published, transmission, large donations anonymously, become the main force of the donation, the donation of an early end, has raised donation: 61441 yuan. Chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr Jian-ying xu in the name of the individual, directly to the wei-jun zheng donation of 100000 yuan. Although we don't know everyone's name, these represent the technology of warm, can feel the warm wei-jun zheng and family.

The fundraising activities are collecting money for the wei-jun zheng has launched a second company. In early 2016, the company union, after that he suffered from severe 01 month within the company in 2016 launched the first campaign. Company leadership and colleagues chung yue donations, donations to 30411.50 yuan.

Although wei-jun zheng resignation left the company, but the company and colleague's care without interruption. The company gave him the best compensation to quit. Call often have colleagues to visit him, care about his condition and life, in the company by two fundraising, colleagues in succession, shows the greatest enthusiasm. Especially the chairman Mr And Mrs Jian-ying xu Xie Wei lady, has been paid close attention to the condition of wei-jun zheng, the zheng's biggest economic support.

Wei-jun zheng via text message, also expressed his sincere thank for chairman: chairman, for your love and I gladly received donations, sincerely thank you for your generosity and selfless help to me in my difficult time lend a helping hand, no matter in the future I go, I will always remember this feeling. I will use a grateful heart to face all the hardship in life, never give up, a good live up to expectations, is the best repay to everybody! Here I solemnly and sincerely say to you: thank you!

Leadership style represents the style of the enterprise, "technology" is a full of love. No matter you now or ever as to contribute to the company, the company will remember you. No matter you are in company or leave the company, as long as you are in trouble, they will be generous help.

We sincerely wish, wei-jun zheng colleague recover at an early date, a happy family!

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