LCU Logic Control Unit
Category:Network Control

Product Introduction

Large scale programmable logic array structure of built-in SCM system.
CAN Bussing Technology
Combinational logic solidified into software to realize the basic control fuction.
Obligate the bussing communication function of CAN, RS485, MVB and so on.

Product Application
Be wildly used in electric locomotive of Shanshan serial as following models: SS3 , SS3B , SS 4G , SS4B , SS7 , SS 7C , SS7E , SS8 , SS 8G , SS9.

Basic Parameters

Input Voltage

DC110V(allowed wave range with -30 %~+25%)

Nominal Output Drive Current

High-power drive current can drive the contactor of 6C 180 and 6C 110

Medium-power can drive electric pneumatic valve and intermediate relay.

Mini-watt drive current can drive like failure screen

Input Points

Customizable for 48~144


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